How to Help Children Cope With a Divorce


When it comes to children divorce can be stressful and a time traumatising. It doesn’t matter the age the children are during their parents’ separation the fact remains that this decision significantly affects their lives. There is a mixture of feelings from anger depression and sadness as well. Hence as a parent, it is your duty to take your time and try to ensure that the divorce does not affect the children. This can be achieved by being there for them and attending to all of their needs as well. Make your kids feel loved and valued as you used to do before the separation.


The following tips can guide you in helping your children cope with divorce.


  • Communicate with your kids.

Communication is essential in this situation. Do not isolate yourself from your children talk to them assure them no matter the situation that has occurred your love for them is still the same. Explain to them about the changes that might happen in your lives especially now both of their parents won’t be living with them.


  • Avoid blame games.

It is advisable as the parents to avoid blaming each other about your failed marriage in front of your children as this tends to confuse the children even more. Instead explain politely and in a mature way to your children why your marriage failed without painting a bad picture of your spouse to your kids. Discuss with your estranged partner and come up with a united explanation that you will give your children regarding your separation.


  • Listen to your kids.

It is essential to allow your children to express what they feel about your separation. Allow them to cry or even to give their opinion on the matter at hand. It is also important as the parent to acknowledge their feelings and let them know that their feelings and opinions matter a lot to the both of you as their parents.


  • Give assurance to your kids.

According to Daryl from, It is important to assure you, children, that no matter the both of you as parents are not together you will always be there for them. Let them know that your love for them remains and whatever activities you were engaging with them such as playing football taking them for a movie on weekends will still continue. Show this by giving them a hug holding their hands so they can feel you mean what you are saying.


  • Be patient with your children.

No kid wishes to see their parent not together and for some children it may take a long time for them to accept about their parents’ separation. Therefore it is important to be patients with such kids. Do not force them to agree the situation instead let them come to terms with the issue on their own. All you can do is just to ensure that you are there to them for support and a shoulder to lean on.



  • Be actively involved in the kids’ lives.

It is paramount to ensure that you are continuously involved in the lives of the children so that they can feel that there is no much difference from their previous lives This also gives them the assurance that you will always be there for them.